Catering and Retailers

Catering and Retailers

For generations in the trading of salt, pepper and spices, Bembo offers a range of products that is the result of long research, great passion and a philosophy that distinguishes each product and every single choice.
In order to meet the highest quality standards, Bembo, through an absolute control of the production chain, from the early stages to the final selling phase, and a meticulous selection of each supplier, amplifies the potential of each product.

More than 100 spices and herbs from all over the world, over 30 spice mixes, all by Bembo and ideal for every kind of preparation, a wide selection of chillies apt to cover every heat unit of the Scoville scale and with over 60 kinds of salts and peppers coming from every corner of the globe. With a wide range that is constantly updated, Bembo offers fragrances, flavours and aromas able to enhance every kind of food.
Each product available in packages of 100g or above, customised prices for catering and an assistance that will satisfy your every need.
Be surprised by the Bembo accessories that make your kitchen and service unique: grindstones, copper pots, flambé stoves, prosciutto carving stands in marble or wood and much more. Everything is created with an attention to every single detail..

For more product information, reserved prices or to make an order for your restaurant, please contact us directly.

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