Bembo has always been synonymous with quality. Quality as a lifestyle, from the choice of the finest raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. Love for quality turns into a pleasure for taste. The taste to create a special atmosphere to appreciate the most elusive aromas of extraordinary products. The joy to offer them just as you expect: precious, elegant, extraordinarily simple, simply extraordinary.

Salt of Cyprus

Salt from the the Bembo World

Sea Salt, Mine Salt Smoked or Flavoured Salt? The selection of Bembo World Salts offers so much to choose from. Bemboshop offers the result of a research that, over the years, has led to the selection of the best and most particular salt qualities from all over the world Salt Crystals, Salt Flower or even Flakes like in the shape of grains of the Sea Salt of Cyprus. So many qualities enrich everyday simple recipes, but also those for special occasions that become even more special with a pinch of salt. All you need to do is choose... Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals, Persia Blue Salt, Red or Black Salt of Hawaii, Trapani Flower Salt, Fleur de Sel Chardonnay of California.... or even Danish Smoked Salt, Salish Smoked Salt, Lemon Salt Flowers... and much more!

Pepper Fantasy

Pepper from the Bembo World

Pepper has always been considered the King of Spices and is renewed thanks to Bembo. Not just black grains: Bembo has discovered dozens of varieties of pepper cultivated all over the world with the most diverse shapes, colours, scents and flavours. Quality and variety used to flavour every dish not just savoury but also sweet, perfect for those who love experiencing new flavour combinations while cooking. Give them a try: Jamaica Pepper Cookies or Cream ice cream with a pinch of Bengal Long Pepper.


Bembo Spices and Spice Mixes

In this section, Bemboshop proposes engaging and fascinating sets of spices suitable for a more exotic and unusual cuisine, with oriental and remote perfumes. Those who love ethnic food and always want to experience different culinary horizons must have the Bemboshop spice mixes in their pantry: Tandoori Masala, Madras Curry, Argentinian Pampa, Colmar Pain d'Epices, Moroccan Raz el Hanout, Cajun, Sweet or Spicy Masala...

Copper Pots

Tin-plated Copper Pots

The best pots, pans and casseroles, lids and flambé cooking, in tin-hand plated copper, with very high thermal conductivity that allow homogeneous cooking temperatures inside the pot. Here are the best cooking tools you can have in the kitchen. All items are guaranteed for life. The entire range of Bembo copper is produced and made in Italy by skilled craftsmen. The pots have a minimum copper thickness of 2mm; all products in the Bembo Cuisine line are equipped with a life guarantee certificate. For medium/low cooking flame that allows to save energy and brings extraordinary elegance to the table. Easy to clean and polish.

Prosciutto Carving Stand

Bembo Prosciutto Carving Stand

Bembo has selected 5 prosciutto carving stands with a stainless steel structure and solid wood base, Carrara marble and granite. Solid, heavy, to support your prosciutto with elegance. Match the Carving Stand to your kitchen and enjoy a slice of prosciutto with style. A perfect gift!

Bembo Clothing

Bembo Professional Clothing

Bembo offers a full range of cooking apparel; chef coat, trousers, bandana and triangle. All in stain-resistant cotton, with interchangeable buttons. Dedicated to those who have turned their passion for good food into a job, or, more simply, to the home chef. Moda Bembo Collection Elegance in the kitchen.